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My wife and I, we have begun this collection just married; in our journeys in France and  in Italy, we were stopping often in the little brocante shops and if our finances were in assets, we were buying lamps (maybe with the secret hope to find the one of Aladino); we have bought many of  those, maybe too many: My wife was looking the aesthetic side, I instead the technical. In our collection there is everything: the humble oil lamp of alpine hut and  the pretentious kerosene lamp of ancient sittig-room.

lampada 02.jpg (26774 byte) Oil lamp Quinquet ~ 1790
lampada 00a.jpg (26936 byte) Kerosene Lamp. England early 1900s.
lampada 03.jpg (30639 byte) From left: veilleuses, lamp with stem, Neapolitan lamp.
lampada 06.jpg (30192 byte) Neapolitan lamps in opaline. They were offered in opportunity of marriages and important days.
lampada 01.jpg (31788 byte) Series of oil and kerosene lamps.
lampada 02a.jpg (25213 byte) Oil - Moderator Lamp Mid 1800s.
lampada 05.jpg (30262 byte) French kerosene Lamp with miniatures. First '900.
lampada 04.jpg (27689 byte) Little oil lamp and precious lamp with shade engraved to the acid.
lampada blu.jpg (31648 byte) Oil lamp in opaline blue end 1800s with veilleuses.
lampada 07.jpg (35706 byte) Series of oil and kerosene lamps.