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Winged Hexapoda

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 1 pair of wings
--------------------------------- Ephemeroptera Diptera Strepsiptera
2 pairs of wings
     hard forewings---------------- Hemiptera  Coleoptera  Orthoptera  Dictyoptera
     membranous wings --------
Thysanoptera Lepidoptera Ephemeroptera Plecoptera Odonata Neuroptera  Trichoptera  Raphidioptera 
Hymenoptera Psocoptera Hemiptera

The wings are very useful for identifying the insects 

1 pair of wings

Abdomen with 2 or 3  long caudal filaments,membranous wings, many cross-veins : Ephemeroptera (also with 2 pairs of wings   
Abomen  without appendages (cerci)
The forewings are reduced to small structure as balancers (alteres), the hindwings are wide and membranous Strepsiptera Extremely rare
The hindwings are reduced to balance (halteres), some species are very common in the Baltic amber Diptera


2 pairs of wings - forewings are thickened

Forewings divided into two part, the first is thickened, the apex part is membraous, all have a tube like proboscid :Hemiptera Heteroptera


Forewings thickened but uniform webbing 
Foreings without veins that are combined on the median line: Coleoptera

Wings with numerous veins, the wings are covered in part on the median line

Insects with sucker proboscid: Hemiptera Homoptera
Insects with posterior legs adapted to the jump, abdomen with cerci: Orthoptera
Insects with long antennas, abdomen with cerci, very spiny legs: Dictyoptera

2 Pairs of membranous wings 

Small insects , two pairs of wings characterized by  a finge of hairs: Thysanoptera  
Insects with  two pairs of scaly wings, curled sucker proboscis: Lepidoptera 
Transparent or hairy wings
Reticulated wings with many cross-sectional veins
Forewings lager, abdomen with caudal filaments
Abdomen with 2 or 3 filaments Ephemeroptera (also with a single pair of wings)
Hind wings larger, abdomen with 2 cerci: Plecoptera (also without filaments)
equal sized wings, abomen  without appendages (cerci)
Stretched and slender body, big eyes, wings have many cross veins: Odonata
Hind wings larger, the venation  have a ladder like structure Plecoptera (with or without filaments)        
Complex venation with tendency to branch out towards the border of the wing: Neuroptera        
Wings covered by thin hair with relatively few cross veins: Trichoptera     
Membranous wings with a wrinkled texture and faint veins: Isoptera  
Elongated protothorax: Raphidioptera (extremely rare in Baltic amber)     
Forewing with few cross veins and larger then the  hindwings 
Characteristic  restriction between  the thorax and  abdomen: Hymenoptera


Very small insects,big and bulging eyes to the sides of the head: Psocoptera          
Insects with sucker proboscid: Hemiptera